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Da Vinci Almond Classic Syrup
The flavor is reminiscent of fresh California almonds. It has a strong, rich flavor and clear color...
Da Vinci Amaretto Classic Syrup
The non-alcoholic* version of the sweet almond liqueur that hails from Saronno, Italy. It has a slig..
Da Vinci Apple Classic Syrup
Tastes like that first bite of a crisp, juicy red apple. ..
Da Vinci B-52 Classic Syrup
Named for the famous bar drink made from KahlĂșa liqueur, Irish Cream and Grand Marnier. This non-alc..
Da Vinci Butter Pecan Classic Syrup
A bold, nutty, pecan flavor with a golden-brown color. ..
Da Vinci Butterscotch Classic Syrup
This syrup is named for the hard candy made from butter and brown sugar. ..
Da Vinci Caramel Classic Syrup
The kitchen classic of buttery toasted sugar, with a touch of vanilla. ..
Da Vinci Chocolate Mint Classic Syrup
The taste of a peppermint patty -- rich, dark chocolate with a cool blast of peppermint. Dark brown ..